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KodersPedia is a top-tier app development company in Seattle working with entrepreneurs, SMBs, and corporate enterprises in software and application development domains. We pride ourselves for having the finest app developers Seattle has seen and invite you to partner up for unparalleled business growth.

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    Finest Seattle
    App Developers
    for Your Project

    Seattle is slowly but steadily turning into a hub for digital innovation where both small businesses and large organizations are implementing scalable digital strategies for unprecedented growth. Let’s connect and discuss the possibilities of turning your app idea into reality.

    iOS App

    iOS app development is our jam at KodersPedia. Our seasoned iOS app developers in Seattle have been associated with the success of dozens of applications that are leading the digital scene in the US. We build fully-functional, native iOS applications using Objective C and Swift for maximum effects.

    Android App

    Android app development in Seattle is not in as much demand as iOS app development, since most new founders prefer the Apple ecosystem initially to stay within the budget. However, KodersPedia also brings you the finest team of android app developers in Seattle ready to take on your development project.

    App Development

    Here at KodersPedia, we love breaking down barriers. Our cross-platform app development is all about making sure your app shines on both iOS and Android effortlessly. One codebase, two major platforms – because your app deserves to be everywhere.

    Progressive Web
    App Development

    Get ready to embrace the future with our Progressive Web App (PWA) development. We’re not just about fast and reliable; we’re about adaptability. Our PWAs are like chameleons, smoothly adjusting to different devices, keeping you ahead in the game of online experiences.

    Native App

    Excellence is our middle name when it comes to apps tailored for iOS and Android. Our native app development guarantees top-notch, optimized user experiences, perfectly aligning with the unique features of both iOS and Android. The best of both worlds? That’s our specialty.

    AR/VR App

    Immerse your users in experiences that redefine the game. Our AR/VR app development is all about pushing boundaries and creating moments that linger. Get ready for interactive technology that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

    Blockchain App

    Secure your digital fortress with our blockchain app development. We’re not just leveraging blockchain; we’re crafting robust, scalable mobile applications that give you an unbeatable edge in the industry. Consider your digital presence fortified.

    Game App

    Captivate, engage, conquer. Our game app development is a perfect blend of creativity and cutting-edge tech. Get ready for gaming experiences that not only stand out but also keep your brand at the forefront of the industry.

    Wearable App

    Stay on the cutting edge with seamless applications for wearables. Our innovative approach ensures your brand stays relevant in the ever-evolving world of wearable devices. Wear your tech with pride; we’ve got the perfect fit for you.

    IoT App

    Unleash the potential of IoT for interconnected mobile applications. Whether it’s mega-cities, green construction, or smart homes, our secure and scalable IoT integrations position you as the disruptor in the Internet of Things.


    Craft functional prototypes that not only impress investors but also capture the essence of your idea. Our design and testing process not only paves the way for future development but also captivates investors, helping you build meaningful partnerships.

    App UI/UX

    Enhance visual appeal and usability with our app UI/UX design. Our Seattle-based creative team is all about user-centric interfaces that not only look good but also feel intuitive. It’s not just design; it’s a delightful experience.

    Flutter App

    Efficiency across platforms is our game with Flutter app development. Using Google’s toolkit, our Seattle app developers create natively compiled applications, streamlining the development process for both iOS and Android with a single codebase.

    Quality Assurance

    Reliability is non-negotiable. Our comprehensive testing services ensure your software stands strong. Our expert app development team identifies and addresses technical issues pre-deployment, guaranteeing a seamless, error-free user experience.

    Iconic App

    Stand out in the crowd with iconic app development. Our team blends creativity and functionality to ensure your application becomes more than just an app; it becomes an industry icon.

    Enterprise App

    Transform your operations with scalable, secure enterprise applications. Our market-leading solutions streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and keep you on the cutting edge of enterprise technology.

    React Native App

    Hybrid excellence is the name of the game with React Native app development. Our developers create high-performance native applications, delivering consistent user experiences across both iOS and Android devices. Build fast, deploy faster, without breaking the bank.

    AI/ML App

    Welcome to the future with AI/ML app development. We’re not just talking about apps; we’re talking about self-learning capabilities and intelligent applications that adapt, learn, and optimize. Stay on trend with the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

    Metaverse App

    Let’s redefine the future of digital interaction with our metaverse app development. Dive into experiences that redefine how things work in your industry, aligning perfectly with the rising trends in augmented and virtual reality.

    Swift App

    Swift is our language of choice for building superfast, feature-rich, and highly immersive native iOS applications. Our Swift app development services are your express ticket to interactive MVPs within weeks, showcasing proof of concept and building traction for raising funds. Because when it comes to Swift, we’re not just developers; we’re Swift maestros.

    Mobile App
    Development Seattle
    Case Studies

    KodersPedia is a premier application development company in Seattle. Here is a sneak peek into our portfolio and case studies of applications that have brought paradigm shifts to industries.

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    Lacavalier App

    E-commerce platform for premium wines.


    Limited access to quality wines.

    • Membership perks.
    • Infeed delivery.
    View Case Study

    Kelstech Website

    Connecting users with technicians.


    Difficulty finding technicians.

    • User-friendly website.
    • Emergency call features.
    • A database of technicians.
    View Case Study

    V-Stream Aviation Website

    An informative site for V-Stream Aviation’s private planes.


    Lack of information about services.

    • Detailed aircraft rental services.
    • Inclusive of pilot assistance
    View Case Study

    Mind Nourishment App

    A counseling app via emails to combat anxiety and depression


    Lack of accessible mental health support

    • Weekly counseling via emails.
    • Personal empowerment focus.
    • Free 2-month consultation, followed by a monthly subscription.
    View Case Study

    Hourly Presence App

    Booking app for photographers with in-app chat.


    Difficulty in booking photographers.

    • User-friendly booking system.
    • In-app chat for coordination.
    View Case Study

    Top App Developers
    in Seattle
    the Mobile Industry

    We follow the agility approach and try to keep all the stakeholders in the loop to make sure we all are on the same page and heading in the right direction. Let’s get in touch with our consultants to discuss the possibilities!

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    Looking for Leading
    Mobile App Developers
    in Seattle?

    KodersPedia is proud to be your partner in growth and scalability. Our team of Seattle app developers is at the forefront to help you build and implement scalable and sustainable digital solutions.

    Seattle Developers
    Crafting Awesome
    Tech Stuff!

    Meet our awesome team of Seattle app developers at KodersPedia – where we’re not just making apps, we’re making magic happen! From super-secure Blockchain moves to mind-blowing AR/VR adventures, we’re the crew turning your wildest tech dreams into reality.

    Life is better when everything's connected, right? Our IoT developers in Seattle make it happen. Whether you're dreaming of smart homes or a corporate world with super-smooth connections, our development team at KodersPedia has got you covered!

    Get ready for some AI awesomeness in Seattle! Our AI developers in Seattle build all the cool stuff from smart chatbots to robots that can learn like humans. Your AI dreams? Yep, we're turning those into reality at KodersPedia.

    Ready to blow some minds? Our AR developers in Seattle are here to turn user experiences into straight-up magic tricks. Think of unreal AR adventures that make your brand stand out. It's not just tech; it's a whole new world.

    Time to take your peeps on a trip to the future! Our VR development team in Seattle crafts virtual experiences that are like stepping into a whole new dimension. Fun interactions, seamless vibes – we're making VR cooler than ever.

    Say hello to the future of app life with our Cloud crew in Seattle. We’re talking apps that scale like a boss, servers that never let you down, and everything blending together like a perfect tech symphony.

    Read Real Reviews From
    Real Clients

    5-star reviews for KodersPedia aren’t a one-off incident – we do it well across the board and deliver the best to be the best for our clients. Read real reviews from our real clients.
    “They will not disappointed you!”

    This guys are awesome, profesional, accurate and fast.Peter is the man, very responsive and profesional, my site looks amazing.I recommend this team 100%,they will not disappointed you! give them your job.

    Neptali Martinez


    “Thank you for all of your support”

    I had the pleasure of working with Koderspedia to create my website and vision for my small business. Peter and his team consistently replied to my emails, completed tasks in a timely manner, were open to receiving feedback,and provided overall very supportive assistance throughout the entire process. The team is filled with creative ideas and talent that will make for a seamless website development process. I have recommended Koderspedia to several individuals in San Diego and will continue to work with this team as needed in the future! Thank you for all of your support and hard work!

    Nathalie Ellis


    “Thank you Peter and your team!!”

    I hired this company through Thumbtack. Peter and his team were incredibly patient and worked with me despite my own delays in getting back to them on approvals of designs. I have a very busy solo paralegal and process serving business and at times get behind on managing certain projects. They really understood my hectic schedule and were patient to work through it with me. They re designed my website and added some new features which has helped me improve my business. Thank you Peter and your team!! Job well done. I’d use them again and reccomend them to colleagues !

    Nancy Meguerditchian


    “I am very pleased”

    Mr. Eric Sanchez was my primary point of contact during the development of my website but every individual I spoke with were a pleasure to deal with. Bottom line I am very pleased with the end result and the process was informative and went smoothly. What stood out was that this company truly wants you to be happy with their work and succeed in your endeavors.

    Ronald A Hurst


    “Love this company!”

    They are very responsive and professional. I will be hiring them for all future web design needs. I had a great experience and it’s so nice working with a company you can trust with your own business. Highly recommend!!

    Madison Bullington


    “I could not be more happier”

    My friend referred me after a disastrous and costly debacle with another developer. Within a week the team had delivered EXACTLY what I was looking for in my website revision! I could not be any happier or more satisfied with their professionalism and efficiency!

    Gabrielle Johnson



    Unleashing Technological Brilliance Across Seattle’s Industries

    Embark on a trailblazing journey with KodersPedia’s mobile app development services in Seattle. We aren’t just creators; we’re architects of digital evolution, sculpting innovations that redefine the landscape across diverse sectors


    Witness the metamorphosis of patient care through KodersPedia’s avant-garde mobile solutions in Seattle. Where data security meets telehealth convenience, and communication for healthcare professionals reaches new heights. It’s not just healthcare; it’s a symphony of innovation.

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    Seattle’s retail arena meets a revolution, curated by KodersPedia. Seamlessly blending the shades of tech trends, we redefine customer experiences, transforming every purchase into a journey of simplicity and delight. It’s not just shopping; it’s retail reimagined.

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    In the heart of Seattle’s financial hub, KodersPedia pioneers the fintech realm. Our secure, user-friendly mobile apps chart a course through the complexities, leading you towards a future of payments devoid of unnecessary intricacies. It’s not just fintech; it’s financial freedom simplified.

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    Real Estate

    Seattle’s skyline meets innovation with KodersPedia’s tailored mobile apps for property management. Here, simplicity meets effectiveness as we usher in the future of real estate engagement. It’s not just property management; it’s real estate redefined.

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    In the intellectual hub of Seattle, KodersPedia crafts a new narrative for learning. Our user-friendly educational apps empower educators and make knowledge accessible for everyone. It’s time we redefine the access to quality education using technology.

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    Revolutionizing Seattle’s automotive experience, KodersPedia takes the wheel. From virtual car showrooms to streamlined maintenance tracking, our solutions redefine customer engagement. It’s not just about vehicles; it’s the automotive future reimagined.

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    In the bustling rhythm of Seattle’s logistical heartbeat, KodersPedia simplifies the dance. Picture our advanced mobile applications as the choreographers, enhancing tracking, streamlining inventory management, and offering real-time analytics. It’s not just about logistics; it’s about making operations seamlessly groove to the digital beat.

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    Seattle’s digital marketplace witnesses transformation with KodersPedia’s intuitive apps. Secure transactions, personalized shopping experiences, and a user-friendly interface cater to the evolving demands of online retail. It’s not just about purchases; it’s a digital retail revolution.

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    Redefining Mobile App
    Development in Seattle

    KodersPedia is changing the game in app development in Seattle. Whether it’s building consumer-first applications with impregnable security features or integrating advanced, scalable integrations to achieve exponential growth, KodersPedia is at the forefront. Let’s build something truly awesome, shall we?

    Seamless Integration

    Harmonize your digital experience with our integrative approach. We optimize platform-specific native mobile apps for iOS and Android, prioritizing efficiency to ensure your users encounter nothing but smooth excellence.

    Unified Presence

    Maximize influence effortlessly with our unified strategies. We simplify complexity with state-of-the-art frameworks, creating apps from a single codebase. Seamlessly resonate across diverse platforms, amplifying your footprint with ease.

    Digital Excellence

    Elevate your digital landscape with our boundary-defying solutions. We translate technical prowess into seamless web experiences, offering swift, reliable, and captivating interactions that transcend traditional platform limitations.

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    Visit KodersPedia’s nearest office in the heart of Seattle, or book a free online consultation to discuss the possibilities of your project and get a customized estimate for your app.

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    000 Columbus Ave unit 1090,New York, NY 10024, UnitedStates

    Why Choose
    KodersPedia for App
    Development in Seattle?

    Experience app brilliance firsthand with KodersPedia in Seattle. We’re your local experts, dedicated to mastering mobile app development in Seattle. Dive into our innovative solutions, crafted to meet your needs and empower your brand digitally.

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    We work swiftly and flexibly to bring your vision to life. Our agile approach ensures that we stay aligned with your goals every step of the way.

    Our consistent top ratings on platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms reflect the satisfaction of our clients and our reliable service delivery. When you choose KodersPedia, you're choosing a trusted partner in app development Seattle.

    Our Wall of

    In the heart of Seattle’s tech landscape, KodersPedia boasts a gallery of esteemed awards and accolades. Surpassing expectations on reputable review platforms, our elite team of Seattle app developers consistently earns recognition, securing industry honors and showcasing our unwavering dedication to excellence.


    Our Top Partnerships
    & Clients

    Over the years in the industry, we have worked with some of the most renowned brands out there and helped them accomplish their objectives.

    Mobile App Development Frequently Asked Questions

    Explore essential insights about app development in Seattle—covering costs, hiring tips, leading companies, hourly rates, and the key steps in selecting the right development partner for your project success.

    Evaluate skills, scrutinize portfolios, and conduct interviews. Leverage platforms like LinkedIn and freelance sites to simplify the process of finding the right talent.

    KodersPedia is the leading app development company in Seattle, with proven track record and client testimonials distinguishing us from the pack.

    Seattle mobile app developers typically charge between $30 and $90 per hour. Rates vary based on experience, project complexity, and developer expertise.

    Hiring an app development company in Seattle can be an overwhelming talk, mainly due to the buzz in the tech scene in the city. However, the best way to determine the right app development partner is by assessing their credibility on review platforms, checking their past work, and getting on discovery calls with them.

    Evaluate their experience, review client feedback, and assess their project delivery approach. Also, ensure their account managers can work in a similar time zone as yours for uninterrupted collaboration.