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KodersPedia is a leading AR app development company that empowers forward-thinking entrepreneurs with cutting-edge augmented reality services. We specializes in creating mind-boggling AR experiences that completely redefines the means of user engagement.

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Leading Augmented
Development Services

KodersPedia is all about crafting mind-blowing augmented reality adventures. We’re here to take your app ideas and turn them into something truly unforgettable. Our mission? Empowering startups like yours to dive into the world of AR and connect with your audience in exciting new ways.

Augmented Reality App Development Company

Gain the competitive edge in your business by integrating AR app development services.

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AR App

Craft mind-blowing user experiences and skyrocket engagement to drive conversion rates and boost revenue. Gain an unfair advantage with our AR app development services and lead the digital way forward.


AR Game

Level up gaming experiences with augmented reality! Immerse players in adventures that blur imagination and reality, keeping them hooked for hours on end on end. Create AR games that users wouldn’t mind paying for.


AR Website

Revamp your website into a highly-interactive marvel with AR web development integration. From dynamic product showcases to unbelievable virtual tours, keep visitors engaged and eager to explore more.


Educational AR
App Development

Revolutionize learning with our AR educational app development services. Say goodbye to traditional teaching methods and hello to immersive, hands-on learning experiences that both students and teachers love.


Commercial AR
App Development

Redefine your business with custom AR development in the commercial industry that enhance customer engagement and streamline operations. Stand out from competitors and leave your audience craving for more.


Entertainment AR
App Development

Embark on thrilling entertainment experiences with our AR innovations. Explore new realms and conquer virtual challenges like never before.


Healthcare AR Development

Empower doctors, and medical professionals and improve patient outcomes with our cutting-edge healthcare AR development tools. Deliver patient-care like never before and make operations hassle-free.



Create mind-boggling marketing campaigns that wows your audience using augmented reality. Get the unfair advantage and lead the digital way forward using state-of-the-art AR marketing services.

AR App
Case Studies

At KodersPedia, our mission is simple: to deliver success to our clients. We believe in forging strong, long-lasting relationships built on trust and collaboration. Our commitment is to provide nothing but the best for our partners.

All Case Studies

Lacavalier App

E-commerce platform for premium wines.


Limited access to quality wines.

  • Membership perks.
  • Infeed delivery.
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Kelstech Website

Connecting users with technicians.


Difficulty finding technicians.

  • User-friendly website.
  • Emergency call features.
  • A database of technicians.
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V-Stream Aviation Website

An informative site for V-Stream Aviation’s private planes.


Lack of information about services.

  • Detailed aircraft rental services.
  • Inclusive of pilot assistance
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Mind Nourishment App

A counseling app via emails to combat anxiety and depression


Lack of accessible mental health support

  • Weekly counseling via emails.
  • Personal empowerment focus.
  • Free 2-month consultation, followed by a monthly subscription.
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Hourly Presence App

Booking app for photographers with in-app chat.


Difficulty in booking photographers.

  • User-friendly booking system.
  • In-app chat for coordination.
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Partner with the Leading AR App Development Company

At KodersPedia, it’s not just about finishing projects; it’s about adding real value to your journey. We dive deep into your needs and dreams to create AR solutions that go beyond the ordinary. Our goal? To boost user experiences and fuel your business growth.
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Project’s Complete
Team Members
Award Winning
Years of Experience

Deliver Unimaginable
AR Experiences
your Customers!

At KodersPedia, we’re not your average AR app development team – we’re the cream of the crop, ready to turn your AR app development vision into a reality. Whether you’re assembling your own team or looking to outsource, we’ve got you covered.

Our Path to
Technological Excellence

At KodersPedia, we’re your one-stop destination for comprehensive digital solutions including mobile and web applications, custom software, and gaming apps. From inception to completion, we tailor our services to meet every unique client requirement, ensuring unparalleled support and exceptional outcomes.

AR App Magic

We’ve got loads of experience making AR apps that’ll blow your mind. From start to finish, we’ll customize each app to give you the coolest AR experiences ever.

AR on Websites

Make your website stand out with AR! We’ll add cool AR features that’ll make visitors say “wow” and keep them coming back for more.

Smooth AR Data

Behind every great AR app is a solid database. Our experts build databases that keep things running smoothly, so you can focus on wowing your users.

Fun AR Games

Game on in the world of AR! We create games that mix reality with imagination, keeping players hooked and wanting more.

Read Real Reviews From
Real Clients

5-star reviews for KodersPedia aren’t a one-off incident – we do it well across the board and deliver the best to be the best for our clients. Read real reviews from our real clients.
“They will not disappointed you!”

This guys are awesome, profesional, accurate and fast.Peter is the man, very responsive and profesional, my site looks amazing.I recommend this team 100%,they will not disappointed you! give them your job.

Neptali Martinez


“Thank you for all of your support”

I had the pleasure of working with Koderspedia to create my website and vision for my small business. Peter and his team consistently replied to my emails, completed tasks in a timely manner, were open to receiving feedback,and provided overall very supportive assistance throughout the entire process. The team is filled with creative ideas and talent that will make for a seamless website development process. I have recommended Koderspedia to several individuals in San Diego and will continue to work with this team as needed in the future! Thank you for all of your support and hard work!

Nathalie Ellis


“Thank you Peter and your team!!”

I hired this company through Thumbtack. Peter and his team were incredibly patient and worked with me despite my own delays in getting back to them on approvals of designs. I have a very busy solo paralegal and process serving business and at times get behind on managing certain projects. They really understood my hectic schedule and were patient to work through it with me. They re designed my website and added some new features which has helped me improve my business. Thank you Peter and your team!! Job well done. I’d use them again and reccomend them to colleagues !

Nancy Meguerditchian


“I am very pleased”

Mr. Eric Sanchez was my primary point of contact during the development of my website but every individual I spoke with were a pleasure to deal with. Bottom line I am very pleased with the end result and the process was informative and went smoothly. What stood out was that this company truly wants you to be happy with their work and succeed in your endeavors.

Ronald A Hurst


“Love this company!”

They are very responsive and professional. I will be hiring them for all future web design needs. I had a great experience and it’s so nice working with a company you can trust with your own business. Highly recommend!!

Madison Bullington


“I could not be more happier”

My friend referred me after a disastrous and costly debacle with another developer. Within a week the team had delivered EXACTLY what I was looking for in my website revision! I could not be any happier or more satisfied with their professionalism and efficiency!

Gabrielle Johnson



Augmented Reality Solutions Across Industries

At KodersPedia, we’re all about embracing diversity and providing cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) solutions across various industries. Here’s how AR is making a real impact. Experience the transformative power of AR across industries with KodersPedia. Let’s unlock new possibilities together!


Experience the future of healthcare with AR. From interactive patient education to surgical training simulations, AR is revolutionizing how medical professionals diagnose, treat, and educate patients.

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AR is changing the game for retailers. Imagine virtual try-on experiences that boost customer confidence and streamline the shopping process. With AR, retailers can create immersive experiences that drive engagement and sales.

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In the fintech world, AR is enhancing user experiences and simplifying complex financial data visualization. From interactive banking interfaces to virtual investment simulations, AR is transforming how we manage our finances.

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Real Estate

AR is redefining the real estate experience. With AR, potential buyers can visualize properties in 3D, explore neighborhoods, and even virtually stage homes. This technology is revolutionizing how real estate professionals showcase properties and engage buyers.

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AR is revolutionizing education by bringing learning to life. From virtual field trips to interactive anatomy lessons, AR is making learning more engaging and accessible than ever before. Students can immerse themselves in subjects and concepts in ways that were previously unimaginable.

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AR is driving innovation in the automotive industry. From heads-up displays that provide real-time navigation and vehicle information to virtual showrooms that allow customers to customize and visualize their dream cars, AR is enhancing the driving experience and shaping the future of mobility.

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In the logistics sector, AR is optimizing operations and increasing efficiency. AR-enabled smart glasses and devices provide real-time information to warehouse workers, improving inventory management and order fulfillment processes. AR is also revolutionizing last-mile delivery with augmented reality navigation and route optimization tools.

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AR is transforming the e-commerce landscape. From virtual product try-ons to AR-powered shopping assistants, retailers are leveraging AR to enhance the online shopping experience and drive conversions. With AR, customers can interact with products in a more immersive way, leading to increased engagement and sales.

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How We Build Great AR Applications

Unlike traditional requirement gathering processes, we don’t just gather data; we immerse ourselves in your vision. Understanding your goals and aspirations for your AR app is our priority for seamless alignment and avoiding any roadblocks or delays.


Sketching out your
AR Dreams

Guided by your vision, we map out the roadmap with meticulous planning and design within the AR realm. Our focus is on mapping out the user experience journey, leaving no stone unturned to create a blueprint that brings your AR dreams to life in the most impactful way.


Building Mind-Blowing
AR Experiences

AR app development at KodersPedia is about more than just coding; it’s about transforming plans into powerful realities. Every interaction, from taps to swipes, is meticulously crafted to perfection, driven by our unwavering commitment to excellence.


Maintenance & Post-
Deployment Support

After thorough testing, we ensure your AR app is flawless before launch. Even after it goes live, we’re here to keep it running smoothly. From bug fixes to improving user experience, count on us to keep your AR app at its best.


Keeping Things Smooth
& Up-to-Date

Even after launch, we’re right there with you, smoothing out any bumps and keeping your  AR app running like a well-oiled machine. From fixing bugs to enhancing user experience.

Our AR
Technology Stack

At KodersPedia, we’re leaders in AR app development, and we rely on a powerful technology stack to bring your visions to life. Here’s what sets us apart:


Leverage the power of HTML5 with KodersPedia to create dynamic and interactive gaming experiences for your audience around the world. Our expertise in HTML5 ensures that your games run seamlessly across various platforms.



Choose Unity for visually stunning game applications that captivate audiences. Our skilled team at KodersPedia utilizes Unity’s capabilities to create visually appealing games that seamlessly adapt to different operating systems.


Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code stands as our dependable coding companion, enhancing the efficiency of our Flutter development process and simplifying the coding experience for our team.


ARKit and ARCore

At the heart of our AR development is ARKit and ARCore, the leading frameworks for building immersive augmented reality experiences. With these tools, we create stunning AR apps that engage and captivate users.



Our toolkit wouldn’t be complete without the Augmented Reality SDKs, which provide essential building blocks for AR app development. These SDKs enable us to implement advanced AR features and functionalities.


AR App
Cost & Timeline

Creating an AR app can range from $15k to $150k, depending on what you need.

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Basic AR App


Costing $15K to $35K, it takes 3 to 6 months to build.

Advanced AR App


Costing $35K to $75K, it takes 4 to 8 months to develop.

Premium AR App


Costing around $150K, it takes 8 to 12 months to complete.

Why Choose KodersPedia for AR App Development?

At KodersPedia, we’re all about your success. Those glowing reviews? They’re not luck – they’re a reflection of our dedication to helping our clients thrive in the AR world.

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We're all about understanding what you need. Our team works closely with you from start to finish, making sure we tailor our approach to meet your goals. Your satisfaction is our priority, plain and simple.

We've got the receipts. KodersPedia has a track record of delivering successful AR projects. Just check out our testimonials, case studies, and examples of the awesome AR apps we've built. From marketing campaigns to educational experiences, we get results.

Highly Rated Across
Top Review Platforms!

At KodersPedia, we walk the talk. Our numerous awards and top ratings on respected review platforms reflect the quality of our work, solidifying our reputation as a trusted leader in the industry.


Our Top Partnerships
& Clients

Over the years in the industry, we have worked with some of the most renowned brands out there and helped them accomplish their objectives.

FAQs About AR
App Development

AR app development is often looked at as a challenge, but more often than not, those looking for such services get confused – here are the most common questions we get, answered for you.

AR development services can help accelerate the growth across various industries:

  • In education, AR enhances learning experiences with interactive content and simulations.
  • In healthcare, AR aids in medical training, surgical planning, and patient education.
  • In marketing, AR creates engaging and interactive advertising campaigns.
  • In retail, AR enables virtual try-on experiences and enhances product visualization.

AR app development is supported on platforms like iOS (ARKit) and Android (ARCore). Additionally, there are AR app SDKs such as Vuforia, Unity AR Foundation, and Wikitude, which are great sources of tools and frameworks for seamless AR app development.

Businesses can benefit from AR app development services in the following ways:

  • Enhancing customer engagement and interaction.
  • Differentiating products or services in the market.
  • Providing mind-blowing user experiences.
  • Improving training efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Increasing brand visibility and loyalty.

Businesses should consider factors such as:

  • Complexity of AR features and functionalities.
  • Platform compatibility and device support.
  • Development team expertise and resources.
  • Testing and quality assurance requirements.
  • Post-launch maintenance and updates.

To find the right AR app development company, you should:

  • Evaluate the team's experience and expertise in AR development.
  • Review past projects and client testimonials.
  • Assess communication and collaboration skills.
  • Ensure alignment with project goals and timelines.
  • Discuss pricing, contracts, and support services.

The key steps for AR app development include:

  • Conducting market research to identify target audience and competitors.
  • Defining project goals, requirements, and features.
  • Designing user interfaces and user experience.
  • Developing the AR application using appropriate technologies and tools.
  • Testing the application for functionality, performance, and user feedback.
  • Launching the application on relevant app stores.
  • Providing ongoing maintenance, updates, and support to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.